The Primary Section, Classes 1-5 have four sections each with a maximum of 38 students per section. To make the classroom experience interesting and stress-free, no exams are conducted for Classes 1-5. The system of Unit tests is followed to monitor conceptual understanding.

As per the State Government directive, Tamil has been designated as the 2nd Language in all the Classes. The School has phased out the transition upto Class 3 in the year 2017-18. Hindi is the 3rd Language.


  • Bhagavat Gita Chanting

    Chanting a chosen chapter for World Peace on August 3rd
  • Sports day

  • School day

  • Project day

  • PTA Competitions in English, Tamil, Hindi, Music and Arts

Extra-curricular activities

Scolympics, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table tennis

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