Our syllabus is based on CBSE guidelines. In classes 6 to 8, the emphasis is on strengthening of concepts and providing bridgework for a comfortable transition into High School. Ramayana is included as part of the curriculum in class 8 to teach the children the values and philosophy of this great epic. The medium of instruction is English.  
Language Offered for class 8
Language - 1 English
Language - 2 Hindi/Tamil/Sanskrit
Language - 3 Hindi/Tamil
Language Offered for classes 6 & 7
Language - 1 English
Language - 2 Tamil
Language - 3 Hindi / Sanskrit
Two Periodic tests will be conducted per Term. There will be 2 terms, with a Terminal Exam in September and an Annual Exam in March. As per the CBSE guidelines, the syllabus for the Annual Exam will be 100% for Class 8, 90% for Class 7 and 80% for Class 6. Computer Science classes are undertaken as part of the Work Experience syllabus.


  • Sports day August
  • School day August
  • Project day August
  • PTA competitions are conducted in all languages and arts class wise


  • Arts club – For children of classes 6 and 7. Workshops are conducted to develop their interest and skill like Bookmark making, pottery and glass blowing.

  • Maths Club – For class 8 and above. Various lectures and activities are arranged to cater to the mathematical bent of the child.

  • SPAM Club- For children of classes 6 to 12.

    For the musically talented.

    Eminent persons in the field come and demonstrate and increase the curiosity and love for music. Children are taken to concerts and music workshops outside the school. Dance (conducted by ABHAI) and music competitions will be held for students.

    Bahulapanchami is celebrated by singing compositions of saint Tyagaraja.

  • Environment Club - For class 8 and above.  Activities of the club make students conscious about their environment. They are sensitised towards environmental pollution and encouraged to spread awareness about eco-friendly practices.

    Field trips are arranged to places of animal conservation, organic farms, restored water bodies etc.

    Environmentalists are invited to talk about their field of work and also involve the children in their projects.

  • Swami Vivekananda Study Circle – Values are taught and Children are encouraged to give a helping hand in the various community services arranged by the Ramakrishna mutt. ( class 8 and above)

  • Trekkers @ VM (for boys of classes 6 -9) & Cauvery Outbound (for girls of classes 6 -8) - both offer outdoor adventure activities throughout the years .

  • Quiz Club -  Open to classes 7 & 8. Want to experience the rush of adrenaline? Love to race against time? Then, this is the club for you. An opportunity to expand your panorama of knowledge. An invitation to tap the competitive spirit in you. Enroll now. Become World Smart.

  • Heritage Club - For classes 6 to 10

    Intrigued by our ancient culture, tradition and practices? Heritage club works to create awareness and promotes the rich diversity of our country while engaging in various activities like heritage walks, eye opener movies, yoga and many traditional arts and crafts of our motherland.

  • Reading Club - For classes 6 to 10.

    Want the chance to meet an author? Love solving cryptic crosswords. Are art integrations or book discussions your thing? Then we have you covered. Join the reading club to explore the latest happenings in the literary world.

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