Classes 9 to 12: There will be 3 Terms with the following exams
  • Classes 9 and 10 will have 2 Periodic Tests per Term.
  • Classes 11 and 12 will have unit tests in their respective subjects.
In Class 11, the School offers the following groups:
  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry with Biology / Computer Science / Biotechnology ( in the Science stream )
  • Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies with Maths/ Legal Studies ( in the Commerce stream )

Vidya Mandir has well-equipped labs and an Audio-Visual room to keep the children abreast of the changing times.


  • Entre-Nous Inter-Class cultural event conducted for Classes 10-12
  • Reflection Inter-School cultural event conducted for Classes 10-12
  • Inter-House Dramatics for Classes 10-12 where House-wise dramatic presentations are made onstage.
  • School day August
  • Sports day August
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