• Reading Club September 2021

    Class 9 had a session on Creating a STORYBOARD and using it as a tool to organize ideas and create a story. The visual impact of the storyboard was discussed and activities were conducted. The online session of these activities were enjoyed by the students and encouraged them to continue reading during the pandemic

    • Interact Club August 2021

      The August month was very eventful for the Interact club. We conducted various activities for students of classes 9 - 11 including events on International youth day, Senior Citizens day (session with the residents of Akshaya Homes). We conducted sessions alongside organisations such as Sevalaya (Virtual tour to commemorate Aadi), Anubandham (An interactive session with students of Gowrin Special School), “End the stigma now” (A mental health awareness session, conducted by clinical psychologist Janani Vasanth). Holistically, we conducted the Photography Day event and had photographs and poems from various schools exhibited. Former teacher, Anuradha Prasad, presided over the Humanitarian day event involving an inter-school speech and quiz competition. We also conducted a blue cross virtual tour event along with Vidya Mandir Estancia; to which we invited general manager mr. Dawn Williams. We inaugurated our first long term project ‘Tech4all”, an initiative aimed at reaching out to children who require devices, reconnecting them to education and rejoicing in our contribution to society.

      • Reading Club August 2021

        Mrs. Jyotsna Natraj conducted a session on the Importance of reading and writing in shaping one's personality for Class 7 in the month of August. She spoke about how reading impacted her growing up years. The journey of 2 authors Christopher Paolini and LM Montgomery in becoming authors were discussed.A discussion on their books made the session interesting for the students.

        • Commerce Club August 2021

          On 6th August, Mr.Gokulraj from KEW Academy, a Chartered Accountant by profession, and teacher by passion addressed the gathering. The students were highly enthusiastic to know about the commerce field from him. His personal story inspired all the students and broke stereotypes about the CA course and gave the students a clear roadmap of the various career options available and emphasised them to take their own decisions. It was a great learning experience for the students.

          • Concurrence July 2021

            On 24th, the quiz titled BRAIN TEASERS was prepared and conducted for class 12 by some students of the same class. Our Alumnus A J Surya also joined the session to encourage students and discuss some techniques to create interesting quizzes. On 31st a quiz on LOGICAL REASONING was conducted for class 11 via alumnus Nanda H Krishna which enabled the students to prove their capabilities beyond the predicted syllabus.

            • Reading Club July 2021

              Reading club published the second edition of its newsletter "Book Worms" in the month of July. Click here for the Newsletter

              • Effervescence July 2021

                Effervescence Club, the Chemistry Club of Vidya Mandir, Mylapore started the activities for the academic year 2021-22 by conducting two online events each for classes 11 and 12. For Class 11, Graphite impression, a chemistry-based creative writing competition and Spin a Polymer, a story narrating competition was conducted by giving three chemistry-based terms to each participant with two minutes of preparation time and two minutes for narration. For Class 12, Lexichem – a combination of Chem Sudoku, Rebus, Anagram, crossword, and Brisk Effervescence, a science quiz was conducted.

                • Environment Club July 2021

                  On the 14th of July, “Flying Colours” a presentation about 10 birds covering their habitat and other special features was done by Dr. Uma Balasubramanyam for class 8. The main objective of this activity was to teach the students the importance of conserving nature and also to get them started on “Birding”. The Presentation was enjoyed by all the students. For class 9, a presentation was conducted by members of YNN( Young Naturalists Network) – Ms. Smriti Mahesh (alumnus-2019-20), Mr. Aditya Ramakrishnan ( alumnus-2019-20), Ms. Ekadh Ranganath, and Ms. Anooja. It included pictures of varied species of birds, insects, arachnids, reptiles, centipedes, and millipedes in the VM campus. It was very informative and kindled the interest of many students. The main objective was to throw light on the importance of Bio Diversity.

                  • Commerce Club July 2021

                    The first ever online commerce club activity was held on Saturday, 31st July. Ms. Kavitha Deendayalan, a lawyer with over 15 years of experience held a fascinating discussion on a variety of topics such as the Constitution of India, the Preamble, Article 14 and 15 in the Constitution of India, socio-economic justice, and various case laws that she had personally taken up.

                    • Heritage Club July 2021

                      Heritage Club flagged off its activities in class 6 and 8 for this academic year with a colourful and vibrant presentation on Indian Culture and Heritage, covering aspects from our traditions, customs, yoga, medicine to dance forms, music and arts. Besides the students participated in INTACH poster making competitions on the occasions of World Yoga Day and World Environment Day enthusiastically. Students of Class 8 will be attending a workshop on FILMIT – a video making event organised by INTACH in August.

                      • Reading Club June 2021

                        On account of National Reading Month (June 19- July 18) , a newsletter was launched by the Reading club. Essay writing, poster designing and bookmark making activities are planned for classes 6 to 10. Primary had week long activities. Classes 1 and 2 had activities related to reading and classes 3 to 5 had 'Reading Quiz'.
                        Click here for the newsletter

                        • Concurrence June 2021

                          A PPT on the topic “Clocks and Calendars” was presented to class 10. History of clocks and calendars, various tricks to solve problems on mirror image and water image of clocks, and days and dates of calendars were discussed. A session titled “Fun with Numbers” was conducted for class 9 which included interesting facts, riddles, and amazing tricks to find results on some numbers.

                          • SPAM June 2021

                            We hosted 'The Great Masters Series' program created by SPICMACAY on the evening of 5/6/2021. This series is about great teachers of the music world remembered fondly by their student. We were fortunate to have Dr. S. Sowmya recall the traits of her guru Dr. S. Ramanathan, followed by a Q &A session by our inquisitive students. The 350 strong VM participants also enjoyed a combination of some famous songs rendered by the great master and rare photographs of his life. In all it was a great learning experience us for students and look forward for more such in the future. Click here for the video

                            • MUN June 2021

                              VM MUN Club members participated in the Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam MUN organised on 19th and 20th June and won several awards. VM MUN Team was adjudged the best delegation at the event by the Secretariat of the CHSVMUN. 

                              • MUN May 2021

                                The Vidya Mandir Model United Nations was conducted on 28th and 29thMay’21 for the students of classes 9 and 10 through an online platform.

                                • MUN April 2021

                                  On the 24th and 25th of April 2021, our school attended our first MUN of the calendar year- Amity University (Rajasthan) Model United Nations - through an online platform. Saaransh of class 11 winning a special mention along with a cash prize of 3000 rupees.  

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