• PROJECT DAY 2021 - 22

    The Annual Project Day was celebrated with the usual vigor on 24/12/21 by the Middle School. The corridors were filled with music, squeal, the laughter of children watching their classmate's presentation. Class 6 discussed beautifully how this lockdown helped in increasing family bonding, the revival of old customs, changes in their way of learning subjects, music, arts, etc. They also spoke about the safety measures to be taken during this time. Their work gave an insight to the teachers on the hobbies they had picked in these two years, languages learned, and skills they had acquired. Classes 7 and 8 brought out the impact of these two years on the environment, tourism, business, occupation, education, development of science, how each country handled the situation, protocols to be followed, etc.. Class 7 spoke about different states of India and 8 th about the world. The PPT, videos, charts, interviews, poems prepared by the children was compiled by the class teachers into a beautiful video and is available in the Streams of MS Teams for the members of the school to view.

    • Independence Day 2021

      On Sunday, 15th of August we celebrated our 75th Independence Day yet again virtually. In spite of this, the students of primary and high school together put up a brilliant performance. We started off with the flag hoisting and prayer from school and then moved on to the celebrations. The students had put together a melodious patriotic performance with an adorable junior version too. Primary children had dressed up as freedom fighters and impersonated them enjoyably well. Pulling the crowd with their exhilarating dances, the students of class twelve performed a medley of dances. The highlight of the event based on a simple yet patriotic question had heart-touching responses which left us with thoughts of patriotism. The day concluded with the national anthem. Overall this year had a combination with the primary and high school students together celebrating Independence Day. Click here for more images.

      • Inter House Dramatics 2021

        The Interhouse Dramatics organised by the English department, was held on August 7. In its unique format of being held online, it was a big hit with the students and teachers of high school. Anton Chekov, Stanley Houghton and JB Priestly's plays were performed and every house outdid the other in their performance. The winner’s title was grabbed by Nangaparbat house for the play “Mother’s Day”. The first runner up being Kailash for the play “The Bear” and the second runner up awarded to the Nilkant house for the play “Dear Departed”. Students from various houses scooped the individual awards. Recordings of the play were judged by Ms. Gayathri and Mr Sandeep Kumar, experts in the field of drama. The houses performed live to restore the feeling of Dramatics in the hearts of the students during these pandemic times. All in all it was a huge success and dramatics 2k21 ended on a happy and satisfactory note.

        • Reflections 2021

          Our Interschool Cultural, Reflections 2021 was held on Saturday, 17th July 2021 on a virtual platform. The event was conducted for the 11th and 12th graders of the city schools. The program was organized by the class 12 students with 11 events, of which 7 events (Solo & Group Dance, Junk art, Mask designing, Music, Photography and Story writing) were offline and 4 (Block & Tackle, Quiz, Shipwreck and Lexicon) were online events. 11 schools with 235 students participated in various events. The inauguration of the online events started at 8.30 A.M with the school prayer followed by welcome speech delivered by our Cultural Secretary, Manas Sankar. Our Principal, Mrs Shoba Raman delivered the inauguration speech after which we had the host music performance by class 12 students, showcasing their talents. The valedictory function started at 3.30 P.M with our school prayer followed by a dance performance by class 12 students. The vote of thanks was delivered by the Cultural Secretary, Ishani Mukherjee. The cultural bonanza concluded with the National Anthem. P S Senior Secondary School, Mylapore was Judged the overall winner. Our VM students (both past & present) did an extremely commendable job by proving their mettle once again.

          • Entrenous

            Entrenous, our interclass cultural was conducted on the 25th and 26th of June. Classes 10, 11 and 12 battled against each other in events such as Shipwreck, Rangoli, Photography, Storytelling, Cartooning, Quiz, Lawyer up, Mehendi designing, and Block and Tackle. Class 12B emerged as the overall winner of Entrenous 2021.

            • International Yoga Day

              In celebration of the International Yoga Day a quiz on yoga was conducted for classes 6 to 8. A few yoga asanas were taught for class 9 by the PT department. The primary school celebrated by discussing the significacne of yoga and its impact on the body and mind. A few asanas were taught for classes 1 to 5.

              • International Music Day

                The International World Music day  was celebrated on 21st of June 2021. A Video presentation narrating the origin of the International Music day, Music as therapy  and Music in our culture and other cultures was produced by the members of the SPAM club. It also included small snippets from great musicians . This Video was streamed to students from class 6 to 12.
                Click here for the video.

                • World Environment Day

                  World Environment Day was celebrated on 5/6/2021 with a video presentation created by the students of Class 12 and teachers. The presentation was based on this year's theme - Ecosystem Restoration. The presentation focused on the five major problems facing our ecosystems, namely water pollution, air pollution, depletion of natural resources, deforestation, and waste disposal. All our students took the pledge to protect our environment. Click here for the video.

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