VMPTA 2019-20

The School has a strong Parent-Teacher Association which works In conjunction with the administrative and teaching faculty to Ensure the smooth functioning of the school. They also take up a project every year to enhance the existing facilities of the school. Some of their recent projects include renovation of the PT room, the canteen and the children’s play area in the primary.

Core Committee

  • Ms. Shoba Raman


  • Ms. Vandana Ramakrishnan


  • Ms. Shubha Srinivasan


  • Ms. Narmadha Narayan


  • Ms. Meenakshi Kumar

    Teacher Representative

Class Representatives


Class Representative Name

Vidya Srinivasan
Class 1
Rathi Ramachandran
Class 2
Anupriya Vikram
Class 3
Jayanthi Srivatsan
Class 4
Sowmya Venkatraman
Class 5
Nivedithaa Gopalakrishnan
Class 6
Divya Swaminathan
Class 7
Pavithra Renganath
Class 8
Class 9
Priya Munish
Class 10
Chhavi Dhama
Class 11
Rajalakshmi Srinivasan
Class 12
Dina Shivakkumar

The PTA supports the following annual events in school

  • Fun Fest
    The School Carnival
  • Reflections
    The Inter-school Cultural Competitions
  • Inter-school basketball tournament
  • Recitation Competitions in English, Tamil, Sanskrit and Hindi for classes 2 – 10
  • Art Competitions
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