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A school with the best practices, learning and evolving, while retaining Indian ethics, customs and traditions.


To send out into the world children who are confident and capable of realising their potential as they grow, learn and evolve into worthy citizens.

Principal's Corner

Mrs. Shoba Raman (Principal)

A fresh start after two academic years of online and hybrid classes. Even though we worked in shifts towards the end of last academic year, now is the true test, as we work full day with all classes in the campus. We began with an auspicious note, the Kumbabhishekam of our Vidya Ganapathy and are positive that he will guide us in the path of health, happiness and success.
The phenomenon of facing covid has changed all of us. Be it the learning gap in academics or addiction to mobile phones and social media, we have to be more patient, polite and persistently firm with our children. There is no way but onwards and Vidya Mandir has started proving it, by successfully conducting its inter-school culturals in July and moving towards the annual Sports day and School day in August. The Periodic Tests, parent meetings, vaccination camps and club activities are also going on in full swing.
We hope to give our students the all-round VM experience and look forward to the support of all the stake holders. Let us all hit the reset button and start with a new perspective.  
In Remembrance…

With deep regret we announce the passing away of our school Manager Mr. J. Sridhar on 28.3.23 at age 60. He served our school with utmost sincerity and commitment for 36 years

Vidya Ganapati Kumbhabhishekam

The open-air auditorium resounded with vibrations of mantras in the morning on July 7th in welcome to our beloved Vidya Ganapati...Read More

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